A Letter of Hope


A letter of Hope.

It is almost six years since God spoke to me through a film, and then in a dream.  I believe now is the time for this dream to become ‘flesh’, Here on earth as it is in Heaven.

I had just finished watching Evan Almighty.  While the rest of the family had laughed and enjoyed this excellent film, I wept.  God began to reveal His heart and passion to me, at such a depth, that by the end of the film I knew I would never be the same again. In floods of tears and deep pain, I tried to tell Mark that God wanted me to build an ARK!  You can imagine the response.  My heart was breaking, not for what I was facing, but what I thought I should have done years ago and didn’t.

I  moved to Galgate in 1988.  At that time I was on my own with four young children.  I had been a Christian for three years. In that short time I had seen over thirty members of my family become Christians, and all my immediate neighbours.  I was passionate about God, I loved Jesus with all my heart and knew what it was to witness the power of The Holy Spirit, in my life and others. So it was no surprise that I began to pray for the people of Galgate.

As the years passed, life grew in many directions.  I was married to Mark in 1991, and we now have eight children.  In this time we had a house group in our home each week.  Many people came to know Jesus and we would worship and pray together. We meet with a number of young people in our home, who had given their lives to Jesus, and were hungry to know Him.

We thought about starting a work in the community then. A place of contact. Somewhere people could come, if we couldn’t help we would put them in touch with someone who could. We looked to purchase Ellel Hall. My heart was to provide food, shelter, workshops, hope and Love.  I was young full of dreams but not sure how God would work this out.  Having very little money between us, we put in an offer for the property about 30% below its asking price.  It was refused.  I wasn’t as much disappointed as relieved.  I had been obedient and God had allowed the door to be shut at that time.  I longed to share the Love of God with those around me. 

Life was busy.  We had our own lives of joy, pain and struggles as we walked the path of parenthood and life.  On Christmas Day 2000 we had a house fire.  We were all out at the time.  When we returned we were met with, fire engines, police, ambulance and neighbours.  While they were relieved to know we were all safe, we stood looking at what now appeared to be just a shell of the home we had left three hours ago.

It was the local people who rallied around. We were given clothes, food and financial help and later the provision of Ellel St Johns Vicarage to live while our home was repaired.  In June 2001 we returned to our home. Three weeks later, we welcomed the arrival of our eighth child.

God brought beauty out of the ashes.  We had what seemed like a brand new home, a new baby, a fresh start. In the summer of 2002 Mark was offered a job in Australia.  We decided to go. We sold everything and made this trip to the other side of the world. Life was different.  After months of emotional turmoil and seeking God, we returned to England and came back home to Galgate.We lived at Sellerley Barn.  It was here that God gave me a dream.

Yes God did say to build an ARK. Authentic Relationship Kingdom.  He wanted a church on every street corner. He was going to change the face of church.  When God speaks my natural reaction is to ask questions.  I wept.  I wept because I felt I had, had this opportunity before and I thought about all those missed opportunities, of sharing Gods love with others.  However my thoughts soon changed to God, and the opportunity He was now giving me, to be part of His plan and purpose for Galgate.  I know not all people will like this message. Their will be some who don’t believe they need this message, want this message, but I have to share this message.

This is a message of Hope. A message of Love. A message of transformation.  I heard this message in 1985, I couldn’t see how the death of Jesus had any relevance to my life.  He died for sinners, if I had been a sinner I would of  taken hold of the message there and then.  I had never murdered anyone, Stolen, committed adultery, why did I need a saviour? I was a young mum in a painful, hostile relationship.  I was trying to do the best I could to keep my head above water. I was drowning. Drowning in despair. Desparate to find help, security, stability and meaning to life.  As I heard this message, the message about Jesus I was disappointed that I didn’t fit the criteria for salvation. Then I heard someone say Jesus could be your friend.  I could do with a friend.  My simple reasoning was, if Jesus is real he will transform my life, if He is not real, it will make no difference, so I had nothing to loose.  I simply asked Jesus to help me. 

I went home that night a different woman.  I made it clear to God that I didn’t have the time and energy for anything that was not real.  I had enough going on in my life.  God had to show himself as real, Jesus had to make a difference or it was a waste of time. I didn’t want to join some religious reformation  I wanted to see transformation.

I began to read the Bible.  Why hadn’t I read it before?  It made so much sense. It brought life and hope into my life. My circumstances didn’t change immediately, but I did.  I became aware of my deep need of Jesus as my Saviour, not because of any of those sins I hadn’t done, but because of all those I had.  My greatest sin was to live my life separated from God, thinking I could do it all on my own. I came to know God as my Father, not in a religious sense, but deep inside, I knew for the first time that I was loved.  I felt secure.  I had Hope.  I could see that life had purpose and a plan.

I lost some friends along the journey.  Friends that didn’t want to hear about a God who is real. About a God who loves them, and longs for them to come to know Him.  I still pray for those I knew, that they would come to know Jesus for themselves.

Well, back to the film. Back to the dream.  Why now?  I believe God  never meant for His Church to expect people to come to a building we call Church.  The Church was always meant to be a body of people, living and breathing the Love of Jesus where we are  Doing the things God shows us to do.

Galgate Community Church is a living breathing Church.  Not a place to visit on Sundays, but a body of people whose lives have been transformed by the gospel, the message of Jesus. We want to share life with all those around us.

If you believe God has brought you to Galgate to be a light, and share His Love with others, let us know.  Together we can make a difference:

Bringing Hope

Bringing Light

Bringing Freedom

Bringing Transformation

Bringing JESUS!

If you don’t know Jesus, never met a God who is real and loves you?  If you need hope, help and truth? Speak to Him today.  Contact us, we will help you as you begin the Greatest Journey of your life. You will become part of the Biggest Family on Earth and Heaven.

Love and Blessing always

Wendy Blundell.